Qpuncture II

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Q-Puncture II is a comprehensive CD-Rom that is useful not only in studying acupuncture, but also in practicing acupuncture. This CD-Rom contains complete illustrations, clear explanations of acupuncture, herbal medication and auriculotherapy.

The numerous menus offer a wealth of information for both students, and experienced practitioners alike. Clicking the buttons for muscle, bone, artery and nerve of each acupoint will visualize the anatomical information. 3-D images make it extremely easy to see and understand each acupoint. The Pain Clinic section has detailed explanations about acupuncture and herbal medication, relating to diversified diseases.
Q-Puncture II is an outstanding tool for acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, herbalists, acupressurists, MDs, martial artists, and other oriental medicine practitioners. No wonder this is a must-have software for medical professionals.


Downloading Instructions:

1.Download file
2. Double click on Demo Qpuncture2.zip
3.(In Winzip)Click " extract"
4.Extract to " Desktop"(Demo folder will be made.)
5.Open "Qpuncture2_Demo" folder
6. Double click" Q2 demo.exe"Icon.
7.The size of Qpuncture2_Demo is 120MB.
8.In Qpuncture2_Demo, You can taste several sample pictures,illustrations, animations and 3-D views. You can not enjoy the full database in search function.

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