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AcuBase Pro


AcuBase Pro is the 9th major upgrade from the original, best-selling AcuBase Standard. It was developed by a team of programmers from Trigram Software, most of whom are intimately involved in various medical modalities. In this, the latest version of the practice management solution, Trigram wanted to develop new tools for the everyday practitioner that are both practical and not overly complicated. Most of the new features available in this version were suggested by existing users whose comments have made the program what it is today. AcuBase Pro works on the Macintosh and PC (including Windows XP and Mac OS X), and consists of the following components and features:


  • Totally New, Intuitive Look and Feel
    • AcuBase Pro has been redesigned from the ground up to allow any user to easily navigate and understand the program. The newest layout looks like a website, with tabs, forward and back buttons, and consistent layouts on each screen.
  • HIPAA Compliant
    • The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) established both the Privacy and Security Rules, which went into effect in April 2003. While there is no objective standard of certification for software to be HIPAA-compliant, AcuBase Pro complies with HIPAA standards through the new password protection features. You now have the option of setting a password to keep private patient and practice data safe. You may also lock down and black out the program from any screen, and reactivate it with your password to prevent incidental Privacy Rule violations when you step away from your computer.
  • Faster Than Ever
    • AcuBase Pro has been engineered to minimize background calculations. Without the geekspeak, this means a faster program, regardless of how many records you have.
  • Auto-Backup
    • AcuBase saves as you work (no need to click any buttons), and backs up all of your data to a Backup folder to keep your information safe.
  • Archive Old Data
    • Still have old patient records that you don’t want taking up space? Rather than deleting them, use the new Archive feature to save patient data outside of the program. You can always bring the data back into AcuBase Pro with a single click.
  • All New Reports
    • All of AcuBase Pro's reports have been updated with a new, more professional look. Many new reports have been added, and new life given to old ones by adding more useful data to them.
  • E-mail Ready
    • AcuBase Pro connects directly to your e-mail software, allowing you to send individual or mass e-mails to your patients. AcuBase Pro’s Calendar will even send appointment confirmation e-mails, with a link to your office location via Mapquest.
  • New Auto-Billing
    • Many of us tend to bill a patient the same amount for the same procedures each time we see them. AcuBase Pro allows you to enter your billing preferences for each patient. Once these preferences are set, creating a completed (HCFA or Superbill) is as simple as clicking a button. Perhaps even more exciting, the AutoBilling feature is also connected to the Calendar. If you wish to bill everyone on your Calendar for a given time period, simply click on the “AutoBill” button from the Calendar, and AcuBase Pro automatically creates and prints invoices for all patients for a time period you specify without you having to do a thing.
  • Multiple Cases for Each Patient
    • If your cash-paying patient is later covered by insurance, you may want to keep separate records for that patient’s cash transactions versus those invoices billed to their insurance company. Later still, the same patient may get into a car accident, which may involve their insurance, their car insurance, another party’s car insurance, as well as a lawyer or two. Rather than creating a new patient record for each of these different potential payors, keep all of them in the same record by adding a new “case” for each different payor. AcuBase Pro allows each patient record to have an unlimited number of cases, each case having up to three different potential payors.
  • New Codes
    • Download the latest diagnosis codes (over 15,000 of them) from a connection between AcuBase Pro and the company website to be sure you have the most updated codes available.
  • Context-Sensitive Help
    • Click on the “Help” button from any screen to get immediate access to the entire AcuBase Pro User’s Guide, onscreen.
  • Cross-Platform, Network-Friendly


Instructions for downloading AcuBase Pro Demo:

Windows Users

1. Click here to download AcuBase Demo (15.4 mb)

2. After the download is completed, it should automatically start the installation process. If it does not start, double-click on the file

3. Double-click on the AcuBase Pro icon to start the program


Mac OSX Users

1. Click here to download AcuBase Demo (10.2 mb)

(You may need to hold down the Control key when you click on the link, and pick "Download Link To Disk")

2. Unzip the file and extract all files into one directory

3. Double-click on the AcuBase Pro icon to start the program


System Requirements
AcuBase Pro works on any Macintosh or Windows-based PC, with today's most popular operating systems. The minimum requirements for installation are:

  • An Intel-compatible Pentium or higher PC, or a Macintosh, both with at least 32 MB of RAM
  • A hard disk with at least 50 MB of free memory
  • A CD-ROM drive
  • Windows 95 or later, or Apple System 9.1 or higher